Dove-FistToronto Wado-Kai is an international organization that teaches the practical techniques, traditional art and general principles of karate all within the core values of Sincerity, Humility, and Dedication.

At Toronto Wado-Kai, we teach traditional Karate. Originally developed as an unarmed form of self-defense from the internationally influenced arts of Okinawa, karate is a complete martial arts system that emphasizes strikes, kicks and blocks.

More significantly, karate-do is a way to live one’s life. The ultimate aim of karate is to develop students, not only in terms of technique, but also in terms of character. The skills developed will help the student to become more focused, self-confident, self-aware, strategic, pro-active, and disciplined.  For the student interested in the art of karate, the basic techniques taught give a solid foundation for advanced study and practical self-defense.

Our training is based on four main elements:

  • General Health and Fitness
  • Traditional Martial Arts Techniques
  • Practical Self-defense Applications
  • Prearranged Drills & Forms

Basics are critical not only because punches, kicks and blocks are the most essential elements of effective self-defense, but also because their development results in the improvement of balance, coordination, reflex, timing, power, and focus.

Our emphasis is on the personal development of our members. As our club attracts professionals from a variety of backgrounds, we have a strong emphasis on safety and the complete development of the student, physically, intellectually, and socially. Our format is designed to increase focus, intensity and harmony within the context of a team environment.

Karate is for everyone – it is diversity that makes our organization a great place to study karate. If you want to challenge yourself, progress at a rate that is appropriate for you, and join a community of martial arts professionals, then Toronto Wado-Kai is the place for you to grow.