Classes begin and end with a meditation period. The duration of a class is approximately one and a half hours. Although a uniform is required for students holding grades, for the first month beginners may wear clothes that are comfortable.

Each class begins with a light cardiovascular warm-up, stretching, exercises and training in basic techniques. Difficulty is based on the student’s intensity and fitness expectations. The class is designed to be appropriate for all shapes, sizes and ages. After a short break, the second half of the class will cover one of the following topics:

  • Advanced Techniques
  • Prearranged Drills
  • Forms
  • Sparring

While our format is formal, the learning environment is enjoyable and team-oriented. We believe that thinking critically is key to developing as a student and encourage questions during discussion periods. Although not a part of the standard curriculum, special training is also accessible through some locations and special events, which may include:

  • Children’s Classes
  • Advanced Clinics
  • Self-Defense
  • Weapons Training


Students who train consistently should expect to commit approximately four months in order to prepare for their yellow belt grading. Students interested in attaining a black belt should expect to study karate for a minimum of five years intensely.

Our network of clubs reaches across Canada. For students who want to train extensively, it is possible to train every day of the week through our various locations. Furthermore, we hold competitions regularly, and a summer outdoor training camp in Caledon for members and their families. Other events such as clinics and special classes are held intermittently.

Times and directions are available in our club listings section. Our rates are competitive, and classes are taught by qualified black belts in a safe learning environment.